DVD Studio Pro 1.5: About DVD Studio Pro

DVD Studio Pro is software for authoring DVD-Video discs. It works with video, audio, graphics, and text materials that you have already created and edited and orchestrates them into an interactive DVD, complete with menus, buttons, subtitles, and alternate languages or sound tracks. You can script buttons to perform actions, define links between parts of your material, and see a real-time preview of your DVD as you create it.

Before you use DVD Studio Pro you need to create, edit, and assemble your source material. The video and audio you use in your project then needs to be converted to DVD-compliant formats, a process called encoding.

When you're finished putting together your project, you can use DVD Studio Pro to build it. The finished product is either a DVD-Video on a DVD-R, DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, or DLT tape, or a folder on your hard disk called Video_TS that contains all the information needed to write a DVD. You can open and play the contents of this folder as if it were on a DVD using the Apple DVD Player.