Compressor 2: Assigning files to surround sound channels

In the Compressor 2 User Manual, the section entitled "Assigning Files to Surround Sound Channels (Automatic Methods)" contains inaccurate instructions; the channel identifier codes listed in the manual are incorrect. If you use the channel identifier codes listed, you will not get a single surround source media file in the Batch window.

When you include channel identifier codes in the file names of a group of mono AIFF audio files and then drag the entire group of files into the Batch window in Compressor, the files will be assigned to the appropriate surround channels when they are converted to an AC-3 file (Dolby Digital format).

If you want to assign mono AIFF files to particular surround channels, you should use the following channel identifier codes:

Surround Channel Channel Identifier Code
Left -L
Right -R
Center -C
Surround Left -RL
Surround Right -RR
Surround Center -RC
Subwoofer -LFE

For example, if you want to assign a certain AIFF file to the Surround Left channel, rename the file as filename.-RL.aiff (where filename is the name of your file).

Note: This procedure only works when you drag and drop files into the Batch window. If you drag the files onto the application icon, they will appear as separate sources.