DVD Studio Pro 1.5: How to Create a DVD@CCESS Web Link

You can attach a DVD@CCESS Web link to a track, marker, slideshow, or menu. When that item plays, the Web browser opens and displays the Web page (or other URL).

1. Select a track, marker, slideshow, or menu.
2. In the Property Inspector, choose URL in the @ccess Type pop-up menu in the @ccess area.
3. Enter a name and URL for the link in the @ccess area. Be sure to include "http://" or another prefix. You can enter any valid URL, including "mailto" or "ftp." You can also create a URL that opens a file on the DVD by entering the file's path name.
4. To activate a link from a button, create a menu that has the link attached. Set the button to jump to that menu when activated.
If you create DVD@CCESS links in your DVD, installers for those links are included on the final disc when you build it. Depending on the kind of computer you are using to play your DVD, you may need to install the installers for the Web links to work.