DVD Studio Pro 1.5: How to Create a Motion Menu

Menus are graphic or video backdrops for buttons. A menu that uses a video clip for the background is called a motion menu. Motion menus can also include composited video images on the clip so it appears that each button is playing its own small video clip.

Before you can create a menu, you need to add assets to the Assets container in the Project View.

1. Click the Add Menu button at the bottom of the Graphical View.
2. Drag a video asset from the Assets container to the menu tile, or select the menu tile and choose an asset from the Asset pop-up menu in the Picture area of the Property Inspector.
3. To set the video for a motion menu to repeat (loop) indefinitely, select the menu and choose On from the Loop pop-up menu in the Timeout area.
You cannot create a motion menu by dragging a video asset from the Assets container to the Graphical View. This creates a track instead of a menu.