DVD Studio Pro 1.5: How to Create Interactive Markers

You can place buttons on top of tracks (or parts of tracks) that are assigned a video stream. Buttons on tracks are called interactive markers.

Because the video stream won't usually include button graphics, you will probably need to apply an overlay image to define the shape and position of the interactive markers. The overlay image can be in Photoshop or PICT format, and must be added to the Assets container.

1. Open the marker editor by double-clicking the track's thumbnail area.
2. Select or create a marker at the point where the buttons will appear.
3. In the Buttons area of the Property Inspector, choose an item from the Overlay Picture pop-up menu. If you choose a Photoshop file, you must also choose its layers.
4. Specify the colors and transparency levels for the normal, selected, and activated states of your buttons.
5. Specify the Default Button (the one that is initially selected).
6. Create and position buttons over the button graphics.
7. Select each button and in the Property Inspector name it and assign actions to it.
8. Repeat the process for each marked segment of your track that you want to have buttons. If you want subsequent interactive markers to have the same properties as the ones you already created, choose the original interactive marker from the Use Buttons Of pop-up menu.
Interactive markers are created using the subtitle feature of DVD players, so you cannot combine subtitles and interactive markers within one track.