DVD Studio Pro 1.5: How to Prepare Source Material

Before you can use DVD Studio Pro to author a DVD, you need to have correctly prepared video, audio, graphics, and text materials. These files need to be created and edited with software such as Final Cut Pro and Adobe Photoshop.

After your files have been created and edited, they need to be encoded, that is, converted to DVD-compliant formats. The most commonly used formats are MPEG-2 for video and Dolby Digital (AC-3) for audio.

DVD Studio Pro includes two encoders that you can use with your source material: the QuickTime MPEG Encoder, for encoding video to MPEG-2 streams, and Apple A.Pack, for encoding audio in Dolby Digital (AC-3) format.

For more information on preparing source material and using the supplied encoders, see the DVD Studio Pro User's Manual.