DVD Studio Pro 1.5: How to Preview

You can use Preview Mode to see, hear, and interact with your DVD before you spend time building it.

Preview does not work if any of the following are missing: assigned picture assets for the menus for all languages you've created; one basic asset assigned for each track and slideshow; the startup action for the disc.

1. Select an item to preview. You can select the disc, a track, angle, marker, story, menu, audio stream, video stream, or slideshow. Selecting the disc previews its startup behavior.
2. Choose Preview from the Item menu, or click the Preview button in the Graphical View.
3. Use the onscreen remote control to navigate through your project. The remote control keys (except for the Stop key) will do whatever actions you assigned to them in the Property Inspector.
4. When you're finished, click the Stop key on the remote control or the Esc key on the keyboard to return to the DVD Studio Pro workspace.

Depending on the speed of your processor, you may be able to preview only a limited number of angles.

Some set-top player models may be programmed slightly differently than Preview Mode and navigation may not work exactly the same way on those models.