DVD Studio Pro 1.5: How to Work with Buttons

You use the menu editor to move and resize buttons, create additional buttons, and assign actions to buttons. When you open a new menu in the menu editor, one button is already created.

Double-click a menu's thumbnail area to open the menu editor.

To move a button, select it and drag it by its center.

To resize a button, select the button and move your pointer to the button's flashing border. When the pointer changes to a set of arrows, drag the border.

To create additional buttons, position the pointer where you want the top-left corner of the button to appear and drag to create a rectangle.

To assign an action to a button, select the button and choose an item from the "Jump when activated" pop-up menu in the Action area of the Property Inspector.

The button's rectangle represents its "hot area." When the viewer uses your DVD in a computer and clicks inside the hot area, the button is activated (that is, it changes color and the action assigned to it is carried out).