DVD@ccess: Additional News about DVD@ccess

News about DVD@ccess

Location of DVD@ccess installers:

In Mac OS X, the DVD@ccess resources are stored within the DVD Studio Pro Package contents. To access these, press the Control key and click the DVD Studio Pro application in the Finder, then choose Show Package Contents from the contextual menu. Open the Resources folder in the Contents folder. The DVD@ccess folder in the Resources folder contains the Mac and PC DVD@ccess installers that are used for inclusion on DVD@ccess titles.

Path information:

File path information is case-sensitive. Any variation will result in inactive links.

Supported link types:


file:///NameofDVD/xxx.xxx (open a .pdf file)

Character information:

The maximum number of characters allowed in a URL within DVD Studio Pro 1.5 is 63. Spaces are not allowed.

DVD@ccess for Windows:

Web links on DVD discs located in plug-in drives, such as FireWire and USB, work in Windows 2000 and Windows XP, but do not work in Windows 98, Windows SE, or Windows ME, until you relaunch or deactivate/reactivate DVD@ccess.

If you're using Netscape Navigator 6.x as your default Web browser in Windows or the Mac OS, each time you activate a DVD@ccess Web link, it opens in a new browser window. With Internet Explorer and older versions of Netscape, DVD@ccess links open in the same browser window, as expected.

WinDVD 2.x versions (2.1 and 2.2) don't work with DVD@ccess Web links in Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows NT.

A specific Web link can only be activated once using CoolDVD 1.1 in Windows 2000 and Windows XP. At this time, this problem does not exist in the latest version of CoolDVD, version 2.4.

Links that access files on the disc (for example, file:///NameofDVD/xxx.xxx) and that contain names exceeding the 8.3 filenaming convention may not be accessible on Windows NT 4.

Copying a .VOB file from a DVD (to a hard disk, for example) causes Internet Explorer to open with all the URLs embedded in the DVD title. This happens because DVD@ccess runs and reads all data from the DVD.

When opening a URL in a Web browser, the level of performance and smoothness of video playback depend on your computer. The playback of a video on a slower computer may be slightly interrupted when DVD@ccess opens a URL.

DVD@ccess titles created with versions of DVD Studio Pro earlier than 1.5 may cause Power DVD 3.0 to open Web pages before reaching the menu. To resolve this issue, rebuild the title in DVD Studio Pro 1.5.