Logic Pro 7: Exportation de songs pour les versions précédentes de Logic

Any song (1) that you create in Logic Pro 7 can be opened in Logic Pro 6.4.3 but not in earlier versions. However, you can export songs that will be compatible with versions as early as Logic 4.8 if you have Logic Pro 6.4.3.

To do this, open a song in Logic Pro 6.4.3 and save it from there to use in Logic 6. Logic Pro 6.4.3 also allows you to export a song in Logic 4.8 format for use in Logic 5 and Logic 4.8:
Choose File > Export > Song as Logic 4.8 song

Although the Logic Pro 7 Reference Manual states that the option to export to a earlier versions still exists, it has been removed from Logic Pro 7 due to a significant change in the song format.

Please note that when you export songs to an earlier version of Logic, all functions that are not available in the earlier version will be lost.


(1) Songs created in Logic 7.2 or later can only be opened in Logic 7.0 or later. Additionally, songs created in Logic 7.2 or later on an Intel system can only be opened in Logic 7.0-7.1.x if first opened in Logic 7.2 or later on a PPC system and then saved.