Logic Pro 8: Logic only opens if XS Key is connected

Issue or symptom

In some rare cases, the Logic Pro 8 will only open if the Logic Pro 7 XS Key is connected to the computer.
Products affected

* Logic Pro 8


This may happen if Logic Pro 8 is installed by a user who does not have administrative access to the computer. To resolve the issue, take the following steps:

1. Quit Logic Pro and disconnect the XS Key if it is connected.
2. Log in as an administrative user.
3. Go to /Library/Application Support/ProApps and look for a file named Logic Studio System ID. If the file is there, drag it to the Trash.
4. Open Logic Pro.
5. Enter your Logic Studio serial number when prompted to do so.
6. Connect the XS Key when prompted.

It should now be possible to open any of the applications in the Logic Studio suite without the XS Key.