Motion 2: Error when exporting tutorial project to Compressor

If you have one of the Motion tutorial projects open and then try to export it using Compressor, you may get an alert message that states that an error occurred while exporting to Compressor. This happens because the folder in which the tutorial projects are installed is a "read-only" folder.
When you export projects using Compressor 2, the application automatically creates a "Motion Batch Export Files" folder in the same location as the source file (in this case, it's trying to create the folder in the read-only tutorial projects folder, but won't succeed).
To resolve this issue, make sure that your project is in a location that you have both read and write access to allow Compressor to create the export folder. To export a Motion tutorial, save a copy of the tutorial project to another location (for example, your Documents folder) by choosing File > Save As in Motion.