Xsan Help: Assigning an Affinity to a Folder Within a Folder

The Xsan Administrator's Guide (p. 47) and the Xsan Admin online help (topic entitled "Assigning an Affinity to a Folder Within a Folder") explain how to use the cvmkdir command to create a folder with an affinity:

$ sudo ./cvmkdir -k

The instructions say you can use the storage pool name for the parameter. This is true only if the storage pool name is 8 characters or less, in which case the storage pool name and the affinity name are the same. If the storage pool name is longer than 8 characters, the affinity name is an 8-character name Xsan creates based on the storage pool name, and you need to use this shorter affinity name for the parameter.

To see a storage pool's affinity name:

Use a text editor such as TextEdit or the cat command in Terminal to look at the configuration file for the volume (/Library/Filesystems/Xsan/config/.cfg). The affinity name for the storage pool is listed next to the Affinity keyword in the block of parameters for the storage pool (called a "stripe group" in the configuration file) in the section of the file that defines stripe groups.

Use this affinity name for the parameter in the cvmkdir command.

Note: The cvmkdir command is also available to regular users without using sudo.